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Faith Focus Formula

Align Your Faith, Vision and Finances with Your Time

The Gateway to Simplified Decision Making

You know how most people think: in order to be more productive, you have to master time management. Yet in reality, you have to learn how to best manage your mind before you can improve on managing your time.
You know how some people feel misaligned and not sure how to prioritize their goals? They struggle with trusting themselves to make important decisions and feel a sense of bondage when it comes to time...

In my book Faith Focus Formula, I help you simplify decision-making and ensure your faith, vision, and finances are aligned with your time. 


  • Your beliefs about God, yourself, and others come before managing your time. 

  • Your vision for your life and finances comes before prioritizing your goals. 

  • Your strategy to maintain discipline comes before executing your goals. 

  • This book brings it all home in the most simple and concise way.

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Once you finish reading this book:

  • You will have more clarity about your faith and beliefs. 

  • the vision for your life and finances, 

  • how your goals should be prioritized, 

  • how to manage your time.

If you pass on the opportunity to learn this method and boost your confidence as an effective decision-maker:

  • Your personal, spiritual, and financial growth will suffer. 

  • You’ll never make time for the things you care about. 

  • Doubt and fear will stay in the driver's seat of your decisions, and you'll remain unfulfilled and misaligned. 

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Who wants to use this fixed resource we have called time living life like that?

I want you to have a positive relationship with time, strengthen your faith, and start living life on your own terms. Once you have a clear action plan and a financial target for the quality of life you deserve, making day-to-day decisions will not be as intimidating. 

You'll know who you are, what you want, and how you're going to make an impact in this world and, most importantly, for your family.


Your legacy will be your #1 priority after reading this book.

This will be the greatest decision you've made this year. 


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This literary gem holds the power to inspire, educate, and ignite positive change across generations. If you have influence amongst high school students, college campuses, faith-based organizations, or professional organizations, this book will add great value to your programming and overall mission to better the lives of the people you serve. 

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