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 Coaching  With Me!

Entrepreneurship is all about personal growth and failing forward fast. Sometimes we fail faster and harder than we anticipate and we’re just not sure how to bounce back in the most efficient way. You can’t avoid failure, but you can be best prepared to know how to prioritize your goals and set up the right systems and boundaries as you navigate your highs and lows of success.


This is where I come in – As your Clarity Coach, I’ll help you gain the clarity and confidence to overcome business challenges while navigating the daily demands of life. Let’s minimize distractions and design a path for you to thrive through the growing pains of entrepreneurship.

I offer a safe place for you to dream, plan and execute.

I do not provide quick fix solutions or motivational feel-good sessions; this is a transformational process for you to become a better leader and business owner on your journey of financial freedom. If you’re not thirsty for change and ready to execute, you may consider my approach too direct and intensive. I’m here to help you simplify your decision-making and get things done in an efficient and scalable way.


Building a business is personal. By increasing your consciousness of self while prioritizing the legacy you’ve always dreamed of, I hold you accountable to your higher self as we make decisions for your life, brand and business.

Sounds like the path you want to be on?

  I’d love to support you on your journey.  


Does this sound like you?

  • You are overwhelmed with making decisions for your life and business

  • You feel like you’re the only that fully understands your vision

  • You’re showing up and getting things done yet not in the most efficient way

  • You’re ready to become an effective leader rather than a busy manager

  • You have bigger goals to accomplish yet fear sacrificing your joy along the way

What if you could have this?

  • An experienced thought partner to invite into your crucial decision-making

  • A peace of mind knowing that someone else understands your pain points 

  • An accountability partner to prioritize your time and tasks that benefit your growth and optimize your performance

  • A strategic partner to help you improve communication as a leader and businessperson

  • The freedom to dream while tackling today’s demands

My Services

No More Decision Fatigue.

Once you enroll in one of my services, you’re officially a member of my community. Select the membership level that best suits your needs.

Gold On Demand Program

Timeline: Hourly program 

  • Al la carte coaching & consulting on demand

  • For entrepreneurs + businesses seeking focused guidance

Diamond Intensive Program

Timeline: 12 week program 

  • 3 month intensive results driven program

  • For entrepreneurs + businesses seeking to optimize their messaging, systems and people performance for sustainable growth

Inner Circle Mastermind

Timeline: On-going

  • Group mastermind sessions 2x a month

  • For entrepreneurs seeking accountability and real time solutions to become a better leader and business owner

My coaching includes:

  • 1-1 or group calls over the course of whichever program you choose to guide your unique process

  • Accountability. You have my support even during the hard times.

  • Me, with you, for 100% of the process. Beyond our sessions, you have 24/7 access via email with a 48 hour response time.

  • An individualized process, designed to fit your needs and preferences.

  • Joy filled sessions centered in a spirit of abundance that welcome you as you are where you are.

Coaching Form

It's Time For
Reality  Check!

Gain the clarity and confidence to overcome business challenges while navigating the daily demands of life. 

When you fill out this form you will then be redirected to scheduling our 1:1 consult.

Almost done! Check your inbox for next steps.


“Precious is the most efficient, productive and ambitious person I have ever met. She has contributed incredible value to the trajectory of my business. From focused whiteboard sessions, accountability calls and much more - Precious has been essential in my realization and actualization of my vision from paper to execution.”


CEO & Founder of Passport Journeys

  • I want this. How do I start?
    If you’re interested in the Gold or Diamond programs, just book the call and fill out the questionnaire that you receive before our call. If you are looking at the Inner Circle Mastermind, click here to get all the details.
  • How much do the programs cost?
    Each program is priced differently. I offer different payment plans and flexible payment options for each program, in order to make it accessible to you and where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. Schedule a call, so we can work together to make sure you land exactly where you need to be. But, if you'd like to know before we chat…
  • Why should I work with you instead of another business coach?
    Somesay it’s just business, not personal. But when you are making the decision to build a business that can support you in obtaining financial freedom, this now becomes a personal matter. Your life, brand and business are all interconnected and my holistic approach mirrors that to ensure your well being as the core of all decision-making for your brand and business.
  • How do you do your sessions? Do I need to bring anything special?
    Nope! I do both zoom calls and office visits, depending on what we agreed upon during our intro call.
  • What happens when the program is over?
    I love keeping in touch with my former clients, and I love following where life takes them after our time together. I do offer continued support in my Inner Circle Mastermind, and the option of continuing our work together. This is very individual, but we will work together to make sure you feel supported for as long as you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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